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Welcome to the Lepidoptera Barcode of Life campaign website. Lepidoptera � butterflies and moths � are the second-most diverse order of insects with about 160,000 known species and likely as many still awaiting description. As a major target for analysis since the earliest developments of DNA barcoding, Lepidoptera have strongly contributed to demonstration of the efficiency of the method and its applicability to highly diverse lineages (see Publications).

The aim of this campaign is to build a COI barcode library for all Lepidoptera species. This library will permit the rapid, reliable identification of Lepidoptera at any stage of their development (egg, caterpillar, pupa or adult) and will facilitate the discovery and description of new species. These barcode libraries, in combination with the ones built for other groups of terrestrial animals, will make possible the detailed biodiversity maps required to guide the positioning of protected areas and to monitor the status of terrestrial life.

This website intends to facilitate communication and information between all participants, and to provide the following services:

  • Provide instructions and protocols for DNA barcoding of Lepidoptera
  • Create real-time reports concerning the progress of the overall Lepidoptera campaign and its main campaigns
  • Facilitate the development of comprehensive barcode coverage (e.g. by posting lists of "most-wanted species")
  • Serve as a communication platform for all Lepidoptera workers, including systematists, phylogeneticists, population geneticists, ecologists, conservation biologists, and amateur naturalists
  • Report news and publications relevant to barcoding studies on Lepidoptera
  • Provide links to Lepidoptera-related web resources and contact information for the leaders and participants in each campaign

iBOL Overview
The International Barcode of Life project (iBOL) is the largest biodiversity genomics initiative ever undertaken. Work over the past five years has produced DNA barcode records for more than 50,000 species and laid the groundwork for the official launch of iBOL in July 2010. More than 25 countries are involved and major commitments have been made toward the Phase 1 operating budget of $150 million.

By 2015, consortium members will have entered DNA barcode records from 5 million specimens representing 500,000 species into the interactive Barcode of Life Data System (BOLD), creating the foundation for a subsequent push towards a DNA barcode reference library for all of Earth’s eukaryotes.

iBOL is a not-for-profit organization overseen by an international board of directors representing funding organizations. The iBOL Secretariat is housed by the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph.


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